Work Work
Work Work
– Rihanna

We’re always looking for creative types who are looking to pioneer new ground and flex their creative muscles. Whether you’re a designer, a copywriter, a project manager, or a website guru we’d love to hear from you. Send us a CV here explaining the skills that you can bring to the table. If you’re the right fit for The Raiders you’ll be rewarded with some of the best work perks in the business…

A few reasons why you might want to work for us:

We think great work deserves great rewards, so we devised a few little incentives for our team.
Perks of working at The Raiders include:

Fresh cuts from Togninis

We’re best buds from the good folk at Toginis, they keep us looking fresh AF. By working here at The Raiders, you can also look fresh AF, 24/7…

Two Personal Training Sessions per week

When we’re not in the office pumping out sweet content we’re pumping out reps for our office personal trainer. Feel the burn. No grunting allowed.

A Fixie for Cruising Down Vulture Street

No gears, no fears. Grab a bike from our 99 Bikes rack and cruise to your favourite cafe for lunch.

Cafe Quality Coffee — No Blend 43 Here!

Know your way around a coffee machine? Good, because we don’t. Come and make us coffee? Please?

A Sweet Nickname

It will be weird, and you probably won’t like it, but it’ll be yours. Consider it a gift.

Beer, Beer, Beer

Did we mention our own beer brand “Frothie”? Beer helps us tackle revision #34 without throwing things around the office.

A Beer Pong Table

Not sure what beer pong is? No stress, we’ll teach you.

Current vacancies:

Sorry, there are no positions at the moment! We are always on the lookout for killer creatives and suits. Drop us your CV and we will drop you a line when a position comes up!