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Make Lemonade From The Lockout Laws

By Posted 15 August 2016

Okay, yeah. Lockout laws suck. They smell suspiciously like the curfew your parents gave you in grade twelve, and no one likes being told what to do. Plus, they definitely aren’t doing any favours for businesses that rely on a hard-partying millennial clientele to stumble through their doors at all hours and drink up.

While being a wet blanket for fun and profit, the laws do serve a public health and safety purpose. As such, it’s possible that they’ll be around for the long haul. Even if repealed, the government isn’t exactly known for moving things along quickly and it could be a while yet until anything gets done.

It’s not the ideal situation, but there are loads of creative ways to work within the seemingly arbitrary 3am limitation, and heaps of opportunity to bring something new and different to your customers.

As my mum used to say, if the mountain won’t come to Muhammad then Muhammad must go to the mountain. Why she said that – I have no idea. But, Lockout laws mean that more and more millennials will turn to house parties to keep the good times coming, allowing for savvy businesses to bring the party to them. Liquor delivery and mobile catering are the two most obvious means of doing so. Alcohol delivery is great because it’s easy and doesn’t require much in the way of staff, whereas mobile catering is a little bit more complex, but gives you the opportunity to really impress a group of people that otherwise may never rock up to your joint. Easy and safe options, but the real fun lies in hosting the parties.

Rather than allowing lockout laws to stifle your business, use them to grow it. Branch out into a different direction and take your hosting skills on the road. More intimate events are becoming hugely popular and people need help organising and running them. That’s where you come in to offer your company’s service to host backyard and small venue parties, gigs, poetry readings, gallery openings, sales and events.

The very nature of hosting means that there’s something new every night and your business is able to reach a far wide range of millennials than it otherwise would. A mustachioed, bow tie wearing hipster is more likely to ride down to their mates’ place for a low-key backyard bbq and rave than to your totes happening club in the valley. But now he knows how cool you are, well, maybe he will.

Hosting like this also allows for some incredible collaboration, meaning events can get as big and weird and wacky as the customer wants. Think multiple bars and restaurants keeping you well fed and lubricated, a good local band playing in the background, art on display or stalls with things to purchase and good vibes all night long.

Rather than muttering about the unfairness of it all, businesses can take the proverbial lemons that are lockout laws and make some sweet home-style lemonade.

Oh, and if you want help squeezing the juice out of that big ol’ lemon, get in touch – we’ve got strong hands!

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