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Millennials – Gotta Catch ‘Em All

By Posted 11 August 2016

If you haven’t heard of Pokémon Go, you need to get your head out of your arse and back in the game (literally). Harsh words, I know, but you need to hear them. Consider this an intervention. For those of you who have heard of it, you’ll know it’s an augmented reality game wildly popular with millennials, many of whom have fond memories of waking up every morning to Cheeze TV and Nutri-Grain (probably the best part of the day, if we’re honest. Skool sux).

What you may not know is that Pokémon Go is also a brilliant marketing opportunity for in-the-know brands. Why? Because it’s fucking COOL, guys. And all the cool kids are doing it. All the cool millennials these days are ‘kidults’ and you need to be one too.

We’ve come up with a few ways to skin this Meowth – so check out the below for some handy hints.

Here’s how you can lure people on Pokemon GO into coming to you:


Lures can be purchased for next to nothing and last half an hour. They’re basically temporary pokébait. And people bait too. These bad boys are easy to capitalise on because all you need to do is throw a few dollars to Niantic (the guys who, along with The Pokémon Company, own the app) and they’ll throw you a couple of keen players looking to add to their collection. These are a killer idea in typically slow periods to guarantee foot traffic in the area, but make sure you have something else on offer to lure players into spending their money and not just their time.

Actually, while you’re at it, why not get the customers working for you? Consider incentivising customers who set their own lures at your business with a discount or a second coffee free. Limit the offer to one every hour and hey presto, you’ve got a steady stream of walk-bys all day, every day.


Leveraging Pokéstops and Gyms:

One of the cool things about the app is that it turns local attractions and businesses into Pokéstops and gyms, forcing people to congregate in certain places to resupply on pokéballs and DO BATTLE. Currently, these locations are pre-determined, however Niantic has confirmed that they will be allowing companies to sponsor a gym or stop in the future. Obviously it’ll cost you, but with the sheer number of Pokémon players around, you’re guaranteed to get some serious bang for your buck.

On a similar note, there are rumours that in a later addition of the game, players will be able to trade Pokémon. Down the track, consider turning your business into a trading post where people can meet up for a Pokémon deal over coffee. And that’s definitely one sentence I never expected I’d write.

If nothing else, make playing at your business easy. Offer free wifi and charging stations for extended play.


Host Pokéhunts:

Host a wild poképarty! Make a Facebook event and have punters rock up at your place of business to start the hunt. A lucky staff member can take them cruising the streets in search of rare Pokémon before leading them back at the end of the adventure for a hard-earned drink or meal. Organised pokéhunts have kicked off around the world, which is strange for a generation so antisocial that we find it weird to talk to a stranger on the bus. Apparently it’s less weird to get together with a giant group of strangers and hunt virtual animals.

Create collabs and events:

Millennials love a good street party or event. Pokéhunts are great and all, but why not make a big deal of it and get other local businesses involved? Helping host a Poké Street party will make you look tres chique AND get people through the doors. Plus, the cost will be defrayed between all the participating businesses, so it’s pretty damn affordable. The possibilities here are endless, really. I’m thinking stalls, competitions, giveaways, live music and those people that dress up as statues.


Pokémon Themed EVERYTHING:

Really get into the spirit by coming up with themed drinks or food items. It might sound a bit kitsch, but kitsch can sell. Make it fun by offering a free Dratini Martini for any player who’s happened to have caught one. (A tip for young players: only give freebies for rare Pokémon. Everyone has a Caterpie, and you definitely don’t have enough Caterpie themed juice for all of them).

Now, Pokemon has been around for like, twenty years or something. But it might not be around forever. We’re a fad generation. Cash in while it lasts, but don’t forget that there are tonnes of other apps that you could be using to up your marketing game.

I could go into that now, but as with good marketing, a good blog post should always leave you wanting more. If you really can’t wait to find out, get in touch. You eager beaver, you.

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