leaders in understanding and advancing youth culture.

We’re on a mission to empower people to build relationships with youthful audiences by creating demand, value and global understanding of youth culture. That means some early starts, some late nights, some hustle, some grind and a whole lot of tenacity.

wtf is this all about?

We’re talking innovative platforms, opportunities for next-level projects and fat stacks waiting to be made. Here’s the rub — young bloods are really fickle. You’ve got to keep tabs on them. Unfortunately, a majority of research is locked up outside of Asia-Pacific behind some big paywalls. We’re here to knock them down.

We aim to be a company that people aspire to work alongside. The buddy that always gets an invite because you know he’s going to be a good time. We want to be the Goose to your Maverick, the Cash to your Tango, the better half of every great action partnership that ever was. We’ll prove ourselves by producing high quality, winning ventures.

We never go AWOL and we have your back no matter what a maniacal, Eastern European villain throws your way. In fact, we aim to help YOU take over the world – but only for good, of course.

We’ll prove ourselves by producing high quality, winning ventures. Kick ass projects that blow minds and give you the opportunity to jump triumphantly into your very own freeze-frame.

Sounds dope, right? We see you’re practicing already. Show us your bottom line and we’ll meet you there at high noon with a briefcase full of ideas.

Millennials make up 21% of Consumer Discretionary Purchases

Estimated over a trillion dollars in buying power

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46% of millennials reported having 200+ Facebook friends

Millennials are 2.5x more likely to be an early adopter of technology

80% of millennials want brands that entertain them

75% of millennials would like to travel abroad

We are proudly part of the following creative communities

Our Space

Our studio is located in West End in sunny Brisbane, Australia. We believe that creative communities are important, that’s why we share our space with like minded creatives

Our Goals

To inspire & educate those around us, including ourselves.

To create quality content that we will create conversations.

To collaborate on projects that are mutually beneficial for both brands and consumers.

To enhance the public’s understanding of Youth Marketing.

To foster a community of forward thinking and socially aware individuals.

what do we do?


If you’ve seen Mad Men then congratulations, you know exactly how we DON’T approach advertising. We’re new school (heck, we’re actually dropouts) and that means a no bullshit approach to campaigns. We can, however, neither confirm nor deny whether we have a life-size cutout of Don Draper in the office.

TV, Radio, Print, Internet, Experiential, Psychic — we are all over it.


We’ve got the moves to make things move in style. Cinematography is one our specialties – we’re down to create TV commercials, web clips, pre-roll, event aftermovies. Heck, hit us up and we might even be keen for a feature film. The Raiders are always ready to collab and tackle new, exciting projects.

Here are some clips to give you a taste of how we roll.


To most people, ‘digital’ still means strings of green code that allow us to jack into the Matrix. We keep abreast of the latest digital trends to ensure brands make the most of the digital playground. The Raiders aren’t afraid of ‘Big Data’ or using the information we can gleam from it to create bigger / bolder campaigns.

Help us lower our bounce rate and check this out…


We like to think of ourselves as a pretty creative bunch. The members of our motley crew come from all different backgrounds, so ideas fly in from several different paradigms at any moment. That translates to unique-as-heck ideas that leave you and your audience begging for more.

Don’t believe us? Allow us to prove you wrong!

our creed

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