we’re the leaders in understanding and advancing youth culture.

If you’re chasing a full-service marketing agency that knows how to capture the youth market better than a front-facing phone camera then you’ve come to the right place.

wtf is this all about?

The short answer: we want to do cool shit. Projects and campaigns that are straight fire.

The long answer: we want empower people to build relationships with youthful audiences by creating demand, value and global understanding of youth culture. That requires constant research, innovation, and a team that’s not afraid of making some bold moves to get your brand noticed.

Guess what? That’s us in a nutshell.

So why is this demographic so damn important to hook up with? Basically, the Millennials will make up 60% of all consumers by 2020.

We aim to be the best at inspiring, engaging, and capturing that market.

What do we know? Well to start, our team are millennials.

The Raiders is a company that people aspire to work alongside. We’re the buddy that always gets an invite because you know they’re going to be a good time. We’re the vodka to your Red Bull, the soy-milk to your latte, and the only agency that will get you where you need to be. Where is that, you might ask?

Right in front of millennials.

The Raiders is a full-service agency. This means that we can optimise the hell out of your Facebook page one day and create a mind-blowing billboard the next day. Our copy is engaging, our designs are effervescent, and everything we do is carefully crafted to appeal to the millennial market.

Still not convinced that we know our shit? Well guess what? We’ve done the research to back it all up.

Have a sneaky preview:

Millennials make up 21% of Consumer Discretionary Purchases

Estimated over a trillion dollars in buying power

By 2020
of the Asia-Pacific population will be millennials.

3 in 4 millennials would rather spend their money on a desirable experience or event over buying something physical.

63% of millennials have a bachelor’s degree (the most educated generation to date!)

1 in 3 millennials have boycotted a brand that doesn’t align with their values

97% of millennials use streaming services like YouTube and Netflix.

We are proudly part of the following creative communities

Our Space

Our main studio is located in the big, small town of Brisbane, Australia.We’re fully immersed in the eclectic vibes of West End, home to the biggest hipster population in Brisbane and the best coffees around (shh, don’t tell our Sydney pals!)

This is no place for a boring, cut-and-paste creative – we’re motivated to constantly innovate. We believe that creative communities are important and share our office with a team of cutting edge professionals from a range of industries.

To get a feel for our vibes tune into The Raiders FM and hear what we’re playing in the office!

Work Perks

You won’t be stuck in a cubicle at The Raiders. We think that great work deserves great rewards so we’ve developed a few perks for members of The Raiders team. Whether it’s riding down vulture street on one of our office fixie bikes, drinking our house-brewed beer “Frothie”, or getting the slickest haircuts from 3 years running best hairdresser of the year at AKA Togninis we’ll make sure working at The Raiders doesn’t feel like work.

Perks aside, a job with The Raiders means the opportunity to work with some truly innovative and well regarded brands like Red Bull. Check out our latest positions on our jobs page.

what do we do?

– Print Media

– Adwords and SEO

– Web Design and Development

– Strategy

– Television

– Blogging

what now?

You’ve read our entire story. That’s a lot of scrolling. A lot of reading. You’re obviously interested in us and we’re flattered. Don’t judge us for wanting to rush into things but maybe it’s time to take our relationship to the next level…

Our number is 1300 71 61 41 (call me maybe?). Alternatively you can fill out your details below and we’ll facebook stalk you and determine whether you’re attractive enough to be our client. Kidding. Maybe :/ (here’s our facebook if you want to get started)