Helping 99 Bikes break away from the pack and become Australia’s leading bike specialists.

99 Bikes




Getting the marketing strategy rolling for Australia’s largest bicycle retailer.

Pedal to the mettle – challenging the bike market.

We’ve taken a leading role in assisting with the marketing of 99 Bikes, as well as their video production. From product explainer videos for internal use, to online tutorials and TVCs – The Raiders are there to kick things into high gear.

The Raiders and 99 Bikes have been working together for a few years. This has seen the execution of multiple projects across several channels. Plus, we’ve been a close partner in developing the brand identity as the business has boomed to become Australia’s largest bike retailer.

As the 99 Bikes business grows it’s important to review and take a fresh look at the brand strategy. The marketing plan needs to change gears (pardon the pun) to account for a wider audience, larger scale campaigns and future-proofing. The Raiders team brought our strategic muscle and facilitated a brand workshop with key staff to help shape the future of the brand. This workshop, synthesis of information and further research enabled us to provide a defined direction for the brand over the long term, committed to by the business leaders.

With such a significant store footprint nationally we found the most effective channels to promote product and sales have been television and radio (in conjunction with email marketing). We create commercials for both mediums on a regular basis, making sure to include key brand messages for consistency – it’s key after all!

Broadcasted across Australia

The appeal of 99 Bikes reaches everyone from kids through to the elderly, simply due its massive range of products. After all, almost everyone enjoys riding a bike – even if its not so often. Where most of the audience segmentation for this business happens is in the mediums for which content is produced. For families, we’ve found commercial television to be most effective. For older generations, drive-time and talkback radio has proven to be a real winner.

We’ve helped pave the way for 99 Bikes to continue its growth exponentially.