The Raiders earned their wings by overhauling the Airline Academy of Australia’s marketing strategy so that the business could truly soar.

Airline Academy of Australia

Queensland, Australia



The sky is not the limit.

We provide in-depth business analysis and developed an end-to-end
marketing strategy to take AAA to new heights.

Our complete overhaul of the business’ brand image, it’s marketing collateral, sales strategy and lead nurturing procedures led to a tremendous increase in enrolments and brand exposure.

Chocks Away

We believe we can fly – literally. Some of The Raiders crew are, in fact, in the midst of pilot training. It was in the off-hours when we weren’t in the skies or hitting the books that we took some time to identify what it was that could help introduce the academy to others who dreamed of flying. We wanted to highlight what it meant to learn to fly rather than administrative mumbo jumbo, so we sidestepped the norm and brought passion to the forefront of all the marketing collateral.

Flight Plan

It was essential to AAA that they didn’t just operate like most other flight schools. The new long-term plan was to differentiate the Academy through integrated, multi-channel campaigns. This paired with a new website for better user experience as well as a commitment to real-time lead tracking meant prospective students were exposed to AAA, able to easily find a course that fit their needs and the Academy staff could better understand their target audience.

The Output

    • Business Cards
    • Letterheads
    • Brochures/Flyers
    • Press Ads
    • Bus Back Advertising
    • Outdoor Billboards
    • Digital Outdoor
    • Real Time Business Dashboard
    • Facebook Advertising
    • Display Advertising
    • SEM Campaigns
    • Email Marketing (A/B testing)
    • Website Design (UI)
    • Website Development (UX)
    • Search Engine Optimisation

The Audience

There are two main courses of study at AAA which cater to different demographics and segments within those. Unfortunately, little research had been conducted to identify these demographics. That’s where The Raiders team started in its development of marketing strategies.

16-18-year-old school leavers.
27-32-year-old career changers.

The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering prospects were found to be predominantly either 16-18-year-old school leavers or people changing careers between 27-32 years of age.

Those interested in Pilot courses were usually either school leavers or hobbyists (middle aged white collar workers or retirees).

Once the business understood its target audience, we were able to better tailor communications to each segment. This definitely played a major role in reshaping the look and feel of marketing communications, as well as business processes.

The Results

180000 Unique Hits to Website
No. 1 On Google for Pilot Training
385% Facebook Growth
$1.3M Total Revenue During Campaign
154 In Enrolments During Campaign