lil’ off the top

Lil’ Off The Top

We put a new roof on the shithouse for the crew at lil off the top, making them the most talked about hair eduction team in Australia!

Lil’ Off The Top

Brand Roll Out

Australia / New Zealand



Giving Shape Hair’s Next Big Thing.

The Raiders team developed the full suite of brand collateral for an up-and-coming hairdressing education collective.

Lil Off The Top is the brainchild of Jules Tognini, Australia’s Male Hairdresser of the Year, 3 years running. It’s a collective of hairdressing professionals, mobile training program and hair care resource all rolled into one.

The Design

Just like the creator himself, Lil’ Off The Top had to be fun, a little all-over-the-place and most of all, hip as hell. So we began to talk through Jules’ personal style to create an off-the-cuff, hand-drawn style – mimicking the style notes and drawings we might usually receive from Jules in briefs.

You’re Invited

Lil’ Off The Top would be hard pressed to cater to salons all across Australia if it was only a one-man band. So the headhunt was on to find the finest talent in all different areas of hair to act as brand ambassadors and educators. From colour to cutting to business management – LOTT needed those with the best expertise. In order to attract the best, the brand needed to stand out. The Raiders team developed bespoke packs for each hairdresser that directly spoke to their strengths, let them know why being a part of the LOTT fam was mutually beneficial and invited them to join the team.

Showing Off

It’s all well and good to have a cool collective of cutters available for professional training – but people have to know about it. We developed a website featuring profiles and articles by the team with the ability for salon managers
and professionals to book classes online with their chosen instructor.

Plus, we worked alongside the LOTT crew to develop press releases (in the LOTT style, of course) and get them into the hands of key trade publication editors.


  • Invitation desingn
  • Web design & development
  • Brand conception
  • Workshop sheets
  • Videos
  • Press releases
  • Award entries
  • Social media assets
  • Business cards
Lil' Off The Top


120 frothers trained by the lil off the top crew