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Guess Who

We clocked about 5 years each playing Guess Who as kids, so creating a Guess Who PR piece for Red Bull was pretty darn easy…

Red Bull Australia

Red Bull Guess Who




The Guessing Game.

How do you introduce key media contacts to your stable of athletes?
You make them guess.

Not a brand to do things by half measures, Red Bull were after a unique way to reach key media contacts. Well we created something truly unique; informative, fun and sure to feature prominently in offices around Australia.

The Game Objective

The Red Bull brand is often enough to garner attention from the media, particularly when it comes to sports. With a stellar line-up of sponsored, Australian athletes the brand needed a way to introduce them all and stay top-of-mind. The execution had to be something a little bit playful and valuable for the limited initial audience.

How we Played it

We delivered a fully functional and on-brand board game to be delivered to key media contacts on behalf of the Red Bull Communications department. The perfect way to introduce Red Bull sponsored athletes, while furthering the creative flavour the brand is known for. So we called on a game that took up hours of our childhood and helped us learn to memorise.

The Design

The Raiders creative team wanted to blend both the sheen of athletes’ professional headshots with a traditional game aesthetic. The result was a modern take on the traditional Guess Who game with a few nods to classic board games through the player sheets and sticker design.

The Output

  • Art Direction
  • Game Design
  • Sticker & Game Sheet Design
  • Game Insert Design

The Scorecard

52 Hand Crafted Red Bull Guess Who athlete board games
52 lucky media contacts
12 hours gameplay at the studio "testing"
Sent out across Australia to major media contacts