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Great insight and an engaging method for delivering that information is absolutely invaluable.

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Taking knowledge global.

We revamped Red Bull’s Culture Marketing guidebook and made it accessible to staff worldwide.

The clever cats at Red Bull know that the right guidance, passed on in an engaging way, is imperative to staff achieving at their full potential. Engaging the minds of Red Bull staff – tireless people who are exposed to cool, innovative and exciting things on a regular basis – was no mean feat.

Nothing less than an interactive, vibrant and handy Culture Marketing presentation was required.

The Project

Take the important information and knowledge contained within the global Red Bull Culture Marketing workbook and turn it into an engaging go-to presentation for guiding staff all over the world. Make it fresh, make it pop, make it matter!


  • Branding
  • Art Direction
  • Region-Specific Content
  • Creative Development
  • Program Deployment

Our Role

The Raiders team transposed existing content into a new, exciting format that worked across print and screen. We developed the art style, layout and final deployment of the LEAD presentation. This revamp of the professional development materials meant staff around the world could access information at the touch of a button and comprehend it just as easily.


The strong, timeless Red Bull brand guidelines provided a rigid framework for our creative team to work within. However, with such a fun brand there was room to play. After all, if you’re talking about culture and what’s cool – you’ve got to walk the walk. The LEAD project afforded us the opportunity to inject some liveliness into staff education – something that’s ordinarily fairly boring if you were to work anywhere else. The aesthetic of the LEAD presentation was both vibrant and polished. Perhaps most importantly, it remained undeniably a Red Bull product.


  • LEAD Presentation
  • Program Branding
  • Workbook Design
  • Region – Specific Content


The LEAD presentation and workbook is a tool for hundreds of Red Bull staff members across the globe. The audience, comprised of C-Suite through to Entry-Level employees, is accustomed to polished, professional and innovative communications. This audience requires information to be accessible, ordered and comprehensible as they operate in a fast-paced workplace and an even faster industry.

“The Raiders are just that… RAD… I have been using The Raiders for numerous projects globally to give value to our culture department at Red Bull. Their insights into the youth and particularly millennials have become invaluable and recommend them to anyone looking to connect with the youth in a more meaningful way. “

Global Culture Marketing Manager,
Tom Sigelski