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Supporting Red Bull’s global training seminar to keep its finger #onthepulse.

The Raiders supported the Red Bull Field Marketing team to ensure that it communicated best practices in… well, the best way.

The reach of Red Bull’s Field Marketing and its success is due to localised teams and marketing tailored to individual markets. To ensure that the business continues to dominate it needs to motivate and educate its staff. The #onthepulse training program brought Field Marketing Managers from all over together to review best practices, develop new ideas and fuel the passion for their work. Our creative work on the training material, invitations and communications made sure all the information was delivered to staff in a unique, memorable way.


& Art Direction.

The Raiders creative team were tasked with creating a distinct style for the On The Pulse program and designing everything from the workbook to the presentation and even the program invitations. All of this was neatly tied together by a common style guide to create a unique branded experience for those who are normally the ones creating unique branded experiences.

The Design.

Distinctly Red Bull.

We wanted to maintain a distinct corporate feel, so kept the colours within Red Bull’s primary hues. Since field marketing is a localised endeavour, we really wanted to utilise mudmaps and orienteering iconography where possible.

The Invitation.

Ring Ring… Mailman!

To get Field Marketing Managers excited for this professional development opportunity, we knew it all started from the moment they were first introduced to it. So, The Raiders team paid special attention to the Invite Pack. The entire kit was branded to make sure that from opening the invite to leaving the training seminars, everything felt cohesive – and special.

Close Up.

The Little Details.

Each invite pack was personalised for the recipient and featured a custom Red Bull wax seal. A small, but impressive touch that also provided the business with a nifty little asset for future activations.

The Workbook.

& Presentation.

Transposing the entirety of the program into a bespoke workbook was no mean feat. Each individual page was designed to maximise the effectiveness of communicating its content.
The end result was a textbook that we’d even be proud to have as a coffee table book.

The Final Output.

  • Invitations
  • Email Template
  • Custom Wax Seal Stamp
  • Branded Stationery
  • Workbook & Presentation
  • Mission Cards

The Results.

Complete Branded Training Materials and Course

160 Field Marketing Managers in attendance from all over the world!