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We sparked the biggest rivalry in the soft drink aisle in honour of the biggest rivalry in rugby – boy was it a thriller!

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Soda of Origin




Getting Down to Fizziness.

The biggest rivalry led to the biggest spike in sales for this iconic soft drink brand.

The Raiders team led the charge for the first-ever integrated campaigned for Wimmers soft drink. The Soda of Origin campaign tied the brand to a sports institution and the hearts of passionate Queenslanders. The result was highly visible campaign across the airwaves, in-store and online that led to impressive sales figures and a business case for future campaigns.




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Bottling up the spirit of QLD

After over 100 years in business, it’s no wonder Wimmers Soft Drink is an iconic QLD beverage with a cult following. 2014 & 2015 saw the resurgence of the soft drink’s popularity with South East Queenslanders. In 2016, a massive win came in the form of Coles ranging products on shelves statewide. Sales grew organically through old fans rediscovering the brand and new purchasers giving it a try. The brand was looking to capitalise on this momentum and grow sales, awareness and fandom exponentially.

Capturing the pride

Queenslanders are immensely prideful, even outside of sport. So the opportunity to throw their support behind their state and a local product would be irresistible. After all, just look at the vigour of ‘Euphoric Queensland’ support.

So to capture this loyal spirit, we thought it best to latch on to something close to the heart of pretty much all Queenslanders – the State of Origin.

Head to head

We put the signature Portino and ‘Crave’ Blue Creaming Soda head to head in a battle for the favourite flavour. Carbonate vs Carbonate, if you will.

Purchasers of Wimmers products could show their support for their favourite flavour and the sales of each product influenced ‘the match’. People also had the chance to win QLD rugby merchandise or tickets to see the iconic State-Of-Origin match live by flaunting their fandom on social or Facebook.

In order to incentivise stores to promote the brand and competition, store managers and distributors had the opportunity to win prizes through the ‘Best Display’. This prompted some incredible in-store merchandising.

The creative insight we have gained is wonderful and this has enabled us to make fast decisions resulting in our brands to become more dynamic and competitive in the marketplace. Engaging The Raiders is one of those decisions I wish I’d made sooner.
Anthony Scodellaro – Head of Sales & Marketing
Noosa Beverages

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  • Competition mechanics
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The Rainmakers

The Soda of Origin campaign was the first major sales campaign for the brand in its history. It worked as a great research tool, with some big benefits.

Sales data and social chatter gave some great insight into the popularity of each of the products.

A competition mechanic and theme that can be used annually, building up anticipation and participation each year.

The limited edition run of ‘Crave’ blue creaming soda in 1.25L bottles meant that the product could be market-tested, with the bonus of having been pre-purchased by retailers.

The brand could better understand the ins and outs of an integrated campaign that spanned uniformly across all marketing channels.

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