Working with the royalty of the hairdressing industry to path a new way of education. Heres what went down.


Rebrand / Rollout




Breaking it down.

We helped bring the biggest, independent hairdressing conference in Oz to life.

Despite the name, Ssh! Is one of the most-talked about events in the hairdressing calendar. Hair professionals from all over Australia and attend this several-day conference / exhibition. The Raiders were instrumental in the success of the Ssh! event, We’ve worked on everything from branding, content creation, media buying, website development and social media management to ensure the success of each event. Marketing and design aside, The Raiders team assisted in acquiring sponsorships, and ticketing management.

 New Year,
New Do

We’ve been working with the showrunners since the inception and the brand continues to evolve 3 years on.

Just like the hair that brings all these artists together, this annual event gets a makeover each year. We create and deliver a new art direction from scratch to ensure that the event stays ahead of the times. These are some of the hippest, most creative professionals in the hair industry – so staying the same is out of the question.

 A Masterclass,
In Events

The opportunity to shape and deliver a complete event package was right up our alley. The multi-stage process of event promotion to execution meant we leant a helping hand to a number of items. T-shirt Design, Posters.

 The Output

  • Website
  • Event Concept
  • Logo Design
  • Conference Program Design
  • Art Direction
  • Ticketing Management System
  • Social Media Management
  • Media Buying
  • Sponsorship Proposal Development
  • Magazine Advertisements

Ssh 2016 Sponsors

Ssh 2015

Check out what went down at the 2015 SSH event, which was held in Sydney, Australia.

 Target Audience

Australian Hairdressers
18 - 35 Years Old
Male and Female

This entertaining, educational convention was naturally going to appeal to millennials in the industry. Not just because of the professional development opportunities on offer, but also because the loose, creative approach to what is traditionally a straight education and corporate promotion affair.

The primary audience for Ssh! were 18-35 year old, Australian hairdressers (both male and female) interested in art as entertainment, high fashion and hair design as a form of expressionism.

To this audience, their work transcends the act of cutting and its physical results – hair design is all about changing people’s mood, building up their self esteem and shifting perspectives. That’s why the Ssh! expo had to be more than the sum of its parts.

The striking visual design, fantastic line-up of professional hosts, balls-out entertainment segments and peripheral events and integrated marketing campaigns all worked to drive this home to the millennial demographic.


2000+ Tickets Sold
Sell-out Masterclasses
$200K Sponsorship Raised in 2016