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This is Most Definitely The Future

By Posted 19 October 2016

Guys, the future is here. Check it out:

Terrible jokes and kitschy dialogue aside, HOW EFFING COOL IS THIS?! Seriously.

If you can’t be bothered watching the video, it’s Mark Zuckerberg giving a live demo of Occulus Rift. It’s pretty impressive. He hits up the bottom of the ocean, Mars, the Facebook offices and his own home. He even manages to receive a video call from his wife, Priscilla, AND take a virtual selfie with his avatar and Priscilla’s real face. There are swords and light sabers, games of chess and even TV – all inside the VR playground. It’s almost too much for me.

Occulus is clearly a pretty advanced piece of Virtual Reality tech, and it costs a pretty penny too. It might not be in the price range of your average millennial, but there are other options are fast appearing on the market.

Playstation VR was just released; perfect for all the gamers out there. It’s a middle-weight unit with a single focus (gaming, duh) and a slew of already compatible products and software. It’s a peripheral advice at best, and a bit on the exxy side of things, but it’s certainly a long way from those mini steering wheels we used to buy to make the gaming experience feel that little bit more real. Oh how far we’ve come.

For something more versatile, Google’s released their newest VR head set, Daydream View, and is pushing it out along with their new Pixel Phone (don’t know what that is? Click here, ya’ll). It’s a more wallet-friendly option than the others and will be much more accessible.

Neither of these units are as high tech and fancy-schmancy as Occulus, but they don’t need to be. Consumers are ready to dive into this brave new world and don’t want to wait for prices of Occulus to drop before they can get in on the action. Luckily, they won’t need to. With more and more and better and better VR options becoming available, competition will inevitably drive down costs for the high-end products, and before we know it, VR units will be as commonplace as TVs.

For business, this means it’s time to stop sitting on your hands and time to start acting. Businesses need to find ways to prepare themselves for the VR take over and the first step in that process is to come up with immersive experiences for your customers. And to do it now. VR is more than just another advertising platform – it’s an opportunity to show your clients what you offer, to show off how tech-savvy and future-oriented your brand is and to stand out in a big way.

Immersive experiences take months of planning to perfect, so if you get started now, you’ll be ready to launch your ad campaign right as VR takes off in Australia. Get cracking.

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