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By Posted 1 June 2016

It’s easy to imagine youth marketing as a massive industry, with every second ad agency churning out Snapchat content and specialising in the fast-paced world of Youth Culture Marketing (YCM). But if you think that you’d be wrong. While YCM represents an enormous opportunity for businesses and advertisers it also brings to the table significant challenges that advertisers in the 80s and 90s never faced. How do you engage with a culture so fiercely independent and tech-savvy that traditional marketing efforts simply go unnoticed? Effective YCM requires more than just the marketing fundamentals; it requires a genuine cultural understanding of the millennial generation and endless creativity to ‘pop’ in a space saturated with more content than ever before.

There are only a handful of agencies that specialise in YCM worldwide. These agencies pump out some of the most creative campaigns in the advertising world because we know what makes the millennial generation take notice.

Throw your marketing textbooks into the nearest river – they’re probably already out of date. Think you’ve got a great social media plan? Think again. To be an expert in YCM requires the understanding that Snapchat is tomorrow’s Myspace and that even an empire like Facebook can soon be forgotten if something more engaging emerges.

The youth market is bloody fickle: loyal, yet simultaneously promiscuous. An engaged millennial is a marketers dream – they’ll organically promote their favourite brands to the world without asking for anything in return, yet in the same breath won’t hesitate to switch to a different brand if they perceive them to be cooler.

Millennials know what it feels like to be advertised to. They’ve had enough of clichés, catch-phrases, and jingles. That’s why over the last decade we’ve seen the rise of viral marketing, guerrilla marketing, and advergames – terms which although new are already rolling eyes as overused new ‘buzz-words’. Whilst the youth market has the potential to be most engaged demographic they can also be the most evasive. For every 20-something organically promoting Frank’s body scrub on Instagram there’s another with ad-block installed and their recycling bin (both virtual and literal) overflowing with advertising material.

To reach the youth market advertisers need to be relentlessly creative. Flash-mobs, social experiments, and Instagram meetups are all inventions of necessity to reach the youth market. Even Barack Obama went out on a limb on his 2012 election campaign where he advocated for his presidency on the billboards in the computer and console game Burnout Paradise. Youth marketers need to be bold; they need to know when and how to break the rules for the biggest impact possible.

The Raiders are a group of up-to- the minute youth marketing professionals based in sunny Brisvegas, Australia. We’re constantly on the lookout for the newest marketing strategies and the newest technologies. We’re the go-to guys and gals for people looking to connect with youth – because we are your customers too.

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