get the 411 on youth culture marketing research

We don’t half-ass it here. As such we’ve made the decision to specialise in Youth Culture Marketing (YCM) for good reason, backed by a bunch of research. We send our research subs deep down to find relevant data for you. Damn, we’re good…

Youth culture marketing research is a collection of the most relevant, timely, and useful data on Millennials sorted into easy-to-navigate categories. This isn’t the type of mind-numbingly mundane data that might give your accountant an erection, it’s real-life, usable stats. We call it the The YCM 411 because every few weeks we put on our headphones crank out Drake’s latest album and bunker down into a hive of research while we find all the latest stats on Millennials.

Every report in The YCM 411 is used internally to guide our marketing & advertising campaigns, so we’re sharing something really unique with you: complete transparency. You want to know where we’re getting all our information from? Well you will find out. Effective use of the reports have helped us develop hugely successful campaigns with clients all around the globe, and soon you can access it too!

How do we find our data?

Data in The YCM 411 reports are a combination of market research and industry-specific statistics gained directly from credible resources & businesses. We scour journal articles and industry publications and filter out the filler so that you’re left with the core insights relevant to your business.

What’s in our reports?

The YCM 411 reports are tailored to a wide variety of industries and cut down to be as concise as possible. Our reports are highly visual with infographics, charts, and graphs so that you don’t have to wade through a wall of text to find the stat you’re looking for. As always we’ve kept the language in our reports irreverent and to-the-point, we’ll save our stellar vocabularies for when we’re chatting up tinder dates at the local.

Who are these reports for?

Do you have a business? Are looking for information to help you better reach your desired audience? Were you Googling for information for your own report? Do you enjoy long walks on the beach followed by Netflix and chill? Then these reports are for you. The YCM 411 reports will bring customers into your shop and money into your hands. Knowledge is power. You can also hollar at us to help you for certain research reports as well… Look at us go…

Like what you see?

This is just the beginning. We’ll soon be producing several reports per year based on a range of different niches. This will progressively help you what you do best… If you cant wait for our reports to drop, you can get in touch with us to customize your own research… Drop in your details below and we’ll contact you as soon possible… maybe not on weekends though, we’re totally busy doing stuff.

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The Raiders Youth Culture Marketing reports review the 3 major elements of Millennial behaviors, trends and statistics so you can make better informed decisions in your business planning, advertising and marketing. Flick us your details and you will receive the first report free!